March 5, 2007

Monday evening blogging...

Peter has a great post on Ether Aura. Lots of good stuff there!!

Enzo from polaroid > un blog alla radio > recommends Italian 3-piece A Classic Education. As always I'm completely lost when I try to describe what the music sounds like. Arcade Fire meeting Doves perhaps? Violins, pounding drums and a voice sounding like it could burst any second. It's grand, heartfelt and beautiful. After a few listen you'll love it and still hate it, because it constantly leaves you with a feeling that it's not even close to reaching its full potential. Potential is probably the keyword out for these guys!
+ Stay Son

Topping this week's free download chart over at is this one by German indie rock band Museum.
+ For The Very First Time

Finally I recommend that you give The Golden Revelry from NY a listen. The band plays this nice kind of indie folk rock with an acoustic feel that always seems to be just perfect for a quiet and lazy evening like lazy that I'm going to bed now!
+ Curtains
+ Wild Embers
+ Try As You Might

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jonathan said...

cheers for the a classic education shout out!