March 2, 2007

Friday Evening Blogging...

In his Flashback Friday post today, Chris writes about German 80's band Propaganda. It's really difficult to understand that A Secret Wish was released 22 years ago.

emodreng & indiepige has posted two of the new tracks by Oliver North Boy Choir. The two dudes running the blog weren't even born when A Secret Wish was released! I'm an old fart - it's as simple as that!

Did anyone enjoy those The Alpine mixes yesterday? Here's one more for you!
+ Iceland (OffThaWallz/Bourne Riddim Ent. remix)

And here's one from the mailbox. Girls Make Me Sick by Butcher Boy from Glasgow, Scotland. It's an excellent guitar (indie) pop tune, which has already caught the attention of several other bloggers. Released February 12 by the small London label How Does It Feel To Be Loved, but still they urge bloggers share it for free. How's that for an attitude?
+ Girls Make Me Sick

J.A. recommends Danish indie rock band Sinai. Still find it rather absurd that a Danish band is recommended to me by someone from Spain! Like several other new bands these days, Sinai has been listening a lot to Interpol, The Cure etc. Nothing wrong with that, but it certainly makes it difficult to stand out.
+ The Brightest White

Song To The Siren has posted a new (free) track called The Way It Goes over at Myspace. Untill now this Danish alternative rock band has failed to impress me, but I have no problem admitting that I like this new one. It's a really catchy rock track that probably would have gained a lot had it been running for more than just 2 minutes and 28 seconds.
+ The Way It Goes

Tonight I'm blogging from my work computer. I seriously hate laptops!!!!


Parklife said...

Yeah, Butcher Boy are great (posted the track at my blog too)- and I immediatly ordered the CD. May be a contender for album of the year.

(I never wanted to use a Dell (and never had), by the way ;-) - especially not after Michael D. once said Apple should close down their production... that was many years ago, and since then, Apple made one innovation after the other, while Dell just builds boring computers without any imagination ... Ah sorry, the blog should be music related I know :-))

Grifit said...

I'm from Mexico and I listened some songs from The Alpine, but I can't find a link for the album
I was wondering if you have any link to download it, I have already downloaded the remixed album but I really want the original, it's a shame they have split, they were good.