March 1, 2007

Shoegaze compilation...

This is a list of Shoegaze/Dreampop tracks found over at It's always quite a challenge searching for music by using the tags, as people seem to have quite different opinions on what Shoegaze/Dreampop actually is. I mean - I've never really thought of The Legends as shoegazers! But I hope these tracks meet this description. No matter what; this certainly is a mixed bag of songs. Some are good and some are - well - not so good. All bands have (some kind of) bios and several of them have more tracks available to download. So if you're a fan of this genre, there is lots and lots of stuff to check out!!!
+ Cosmicdust - Without You
+ The Telescopes - Another Sky
+ My Violent Ego - June La La's
+ Broken Robots - Broken Down Lonely
+ Molotov Elysian - Today a Mountain Has Been Moved
+ Delta Waves - Her Static Energy
+ Stellarscope - Spring
+ Kite Operations - A Wonder


Nick Fulton said...

I just reviewed a band on my blog that I reguard as a little shoegaze. They are Wolf & Cub. You may be interested in checking them out.

Anonymous said...

excellent post sir, I have been looking myself for some new shoegaze bands and you beat me to the punch!

David said...

Shoegaze till you drop!