March 19, 2007

Murnau and friends...

Cool Italian shoegaze band Murnau has uploaded 4 new demo tracks to I'm not quite sure what to think of the new stuff as the tracks sound a lot more like experiments than actual songs. A track like Piano (which does indeed feature a piano) never really kicks off, so perhaps the most accurate way to describe the tracks is as sketches. And they are even trying to sing in English - so I guess this is quite experimental indeed! The two tracks below still "carry" some of the typical shoegaze trademarks, so I thought I'd post them if anyone should fell the temptation to give them a listen!
+ Distant
+ Static

By now most blog readers should be familiar with the wonderful pop tune Breakfast in NYC by Northern Irelanders Oppenheimer. Another track called Allen Died, April Five from the band's debut album has been uploaded to for free downloading. Not a killer like the "NYC breakfast", but the knack for writing catchy pop songs is still very much present in this track.
+ Allen Died, April Five
+ Breakfast in NYC

Under Electric Light has remixed White Room by Antidoton. Owe to add that it's really, really cool, though you'd probably guessed that already!
+ White Room (UEL Remix)

Light years ago (or at least it feels like a long, long time) J.A. recommended US duo Skittish, comparing their sound to Interpol. There are indeed some similarities, though the sound of Interpol is a bit "darker". But a nice and really catchy one!
+ Million Gray

The has been extended/improved. Currently I'm 16.82% mainstream. I'm wondering how it's possible to be 102.62% mainstream, but according to the meter this person is!?

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