March 16, 2007

Friday fasties...

Is fasties really a word in English (now I know it isn't!)? Oh well - I hope you understand what I mean by this!

First single Where Did We Go from the Phonovectra debut album Too Young To Die is available for free from the band's Myspace profile. It's a great rock track and highly recommendable! I ordered the album a while back and expect it to arrive any day soon!
+ Where Did We Go

The Holiday Show has posted a new track on their Myspace player. Sadly it's not a freebie. The track is called City Girlfriend and is surprisingly indie pop inspired. Accordingly an album is in the making!

The Lovekevins has a new single called Tamagotchi Freestyle. It's from the band's forthcoming album that will be called Vs the snow. The album will be released April 4 on Songs I Wish I Had Written and is described as "A perfect blend of dream like noise and steady wonderful pop melodies". The new single is one of those typical irresistible and catchy ones.
+ Tamagotchi Freestyle

...passantin has been added to the blogroll. If you skipped German classes you'll probably be completely lost!

Check this fantastic post by emodreng & indiepige. Especially the Dreams Ends remix of (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart by The Honeydrips is excellent!
+ (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart (Lack of Love Tore Us Apart - Dreams End Remix)

Losing Track by Swedish electro pop duo (?) The Morning Paper is quiet and simply beautiful (sounds like rain falling down). Perfect for a tired Friday evening.
+ Losing Track

Eheruncool is a quartet from Rosswein somewhere in Germany. The lyrics are in German (I'm getting more and more used to this) and the music is dark and depressive finding lots of inspiration in bands like Sonic Youth and Joy Division. Both tracks were found at the band's Myspace profile and are super cool!
+ Lebe Lieber Schwer
+ Wenn der Tag anbricht


Tinkerbell said...

German things are good by me at the moment...not least because of the fact that I considering moving there...

Tinkerbell said...

Your feelings on German hiphop? I've been sent one or two things that make me laugh- wanna hear them?