March 14, 2007

Myspace trip...

I've just returned from a very short Myspace trip and here are a couple of "souvenirs" I picked up during my "stay" there.

+ Us With Millions - The Golden Coast
I mentioned this band last week and this nice one has just been uploaded by the band.

+ Powderdust - Wait For You [Federspiel Remix]
+ The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Do Your Sister (James Braun Does Ya Mama Too Remix)
Two tracks from the department of remixes. I really have no idea if they are old or new, but they are both good enough to enjoy (again?)!

+ Ronderlin - Way To Be
A new track from the forthcoming album (release date May 7) that will be called The Great Investigation. The 4 tracks I've heard so far from the album are simply brilliant, so expectations are rapidly growing!

+ Inhaler - Tranquilized
It's probably the zillionth, billionth time I post this track. But it's still a fantastic pop song and since it's now available in a decent quality, it's certainly well-worth a re-post.

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