March 15, 2007

tWAMi vs. Lampshade

Yesterday tWAMi published/posted his new remix of the Lampshade track New Legs (taken from the Danish/Swedish band's really fine 2006 album Let's Away). The remix version is more than twice the length of the album version, which certainly is not one second too long. As I'm no expert, I asked tWAMi himself to explain what he has changed/added to the track. In short he has almost re-recorded everything (guitars, drumbeats, bass, organs and synths) and only re-used vocals, glockenspiel and a few drum and guitar parts. So clearly a lot of work has been put into this remix, but it definitely pays off, as it sounds absolutely fabulous!
+ New Legs (album version)
+ New Legs (tWAMi remix)

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