March 20, 2007


Fadeaway recommends two shoegaze inspired bands; The Ambience and The Evening Sounds. This is (as I expected) great stuff and as always it's weird (AND highly disappointing) that two bands like these aren't signed by even the smallest label! Merz mentioned The Ambience a few weeks ago, which pretty much guarantees the quality of this UK five-piece! Not much info can be found on the other band - The Evening Sounds - except that it's a trio from Oxford, UK, listing some really interesting bands among the influences.
The Ambience:
+ Sea of Mediocrity
+ Sorry State
The Evening Sounds:
+ A New Suggestion
+ Not About You

FALK recommends US electronic quartet Atomica. The sound (with elements of trip-hop, downtown etc.) and the female vocalist (Lauren Cheatham) constantly make me think of Portishead and Massive Attack (which certainly isn't a bad thing). No surprise as the label (Positron! Records) has listed these two bands among the similar artists.
+ Delorian
+ Larsen

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