March 21, 2007

Today I'm listening to...

Shimmer Kids Underpop Association. Despite having one of the weirdest band names I've ever heard, this US band (which obviously has to come from San Francisco) has until this day remained completely unknown to me. As always I'm a bit (more than) late, because the band split up in 2004 (only to return as The Society of Rockets) after 8 very productive years. Check the band's music page, where it's possible to download (almost) all of the band's recordings for free. Labelled by users as neo-psychedelia indie pop, which I think describes this playful and quite catchy music pretty well. I plan to listen my way through must of the stuff today, and the best tracks will be posted below.
+ Full Color Love Affair
+ Bury My Heart At Makeout Point
+ Model Kit

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