April 20, 2007

Montt Mardie...

I just took a close look at Falk's Last.fm page and saw that he's been listening a lot to 1969 by Swedish singer Montt Mardie today. Curious as I am, I had to give it a listen and I'm glad that I did, as it turned out to be one of those very catchy and charming pop songs. According to his webpage he "enjoys movies from the fifties, music from the sixties and comicbooks from the seventies" and you certainly find lots of 60's inspiration in this track (and in his other stuff as well). And trumpets are always welcome and highly enjoyable in up-tempo and happy pop songs. The track is taken from the double album Clocks/Pretender (which seems to be some kind of compilation) that was released on Hybris earlier this week.
+ 1969
+ New York (another album track)

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