April 20, 2007

Dorsia...On Certain Illusions

Dorsia is a new and quite ambitious Danish one-man project playing catchy and somewhat 80's inspired pop music, which (if the band's Myspace profile is to be trusted) is influenced by The Wall Street Journal! I'm not really certain what is meant by that, unless of course NASDAQ and the oil prices serve as major sources of inspiration? Another explanation could be (after reading this) that people in general shy away from admitting what they really think and feel, so he (T. R. Jorgensen) is simply trying to provoke all of us by saying that he's a snob and wants to live life on 1. class? Or perhaps it's a reference to the vanity and superficial lifestyle described in American Psycho (thank you anonymous)? Oh well - you can try figuring it out yourself if you like, while listening to the 3 tracks from the promotion EP On Certain Illusions (which I definitely think you should). As mentioned above this is pure pop music with lots of keyboards and stuff, and especially the first track Unprovoked is begging for repeated listening.
+ Unprovoked
+ She went off to Milan
+ Harm


Parklife said...

"Unprovoked" is great!

Anonymous said...

dorsia=american psycho reference

Deb said...

Agreed about "Unprovoked" - it rocks. Thanks!