April 11, 2007

Null Device - The London EP

Thanks to Falk I'm currently listening to the 2005 The London EP by US (Madison, Wisconsin) duo Null Device. This is synthpop sounding a lot like it used to back in the 80's. The songs are immediately catchy (with lengthy instrumental passages) and chances are pretty good that you'll be humming them all day. The drumbeats just go on and on and eventually your feet will start tapping along. The entire EP (7 tracks) can be yours for free over at Last.fm and all tracks are definitely worth checking out. More free songs by the duo can be found here.
+ Walk In London (Null Device Brick Lane Mix)
+ Unknowingly (Iris Mix)
+ Travelogue (Hungry Lucy Mix)

The 2003 single Footfalls is pretty cool and highly recommendable as well!
+ Footfalls (single mix)


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the link. I've just made a playlist with them from TheFilter

dRAAS said...

just bumped into your blog...absolutely brilliant as it keeps me updated on some awesome scandinavian music. takk!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posts. I?d appreciate it if u could post another song by the band from Dallas black tie dynasty. the songs
called "bells"
Thanks for the music once again

Eric said...

Hey, thanks for the promotion!

(we've got some new stuff coming out soon, too)