April 13, 2007

Kind of girl +++

I didn't update the blog yesterday, as I spent a large chunk of the day in Copenhagen far, far away from my computer. Among the things I did in the Danish capital was having a cup of coffee with Jesper, who is responsible for the promotion of Danish alternative/indie rock/pop band Kind of girl. Following our short encounter he wrote this, which almost made me blush. Guess you must be completely new to this blog if you have missed out on this great band, so here are a few tracks to get you started.
+ Poetry Boy
+ Slave To Your Charms

Two tracks found in my mailbox last night taken from the album Arrivals And Departures by US indie pop band The Icicles. The band has been compared to Camera Obscura and especially Whirling is absolutely sweet.
+ La Ti Da
+ Whirling

SuperTroels has remixed two tracks by Danish electro rock act Turboweekend. He's an absolute workhorse, who never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up his debut album later today.
+ Wash Out (Original)
+ Wash Out (SuperTroels Remix)
+ Something To Say (Original)
+ Something To Say (SuperTroels Remix)

Nothing But Green Lights has once again posted an excellent track. This time it's Good Coat by UK indie pop/folk singer Rod Thomas.

Hits In The Car favorite Andrew Boland has uploaded a few new tracks to his Myspace profile. One of the tracks is called Andrew Boland's Few, which is a title very similar to his previous (and absolutely wonderful) track Leonard Cohen's Few. I really like the new one (laid back and reminds me somewhat of Richard Hawley), though it never really reaches the heights of the Cohen tribute.
+ Andrew Boland's Few

I've just received a "friend" request from the official Terry Hall myspace profile. 3 tracks are available as free downloads and one of them is this gorgeous classic by The Colourfield. I actually have the original 7" somewhere.
+ Thinking of you

Two brand new tracks by The Sky Drops are available for free from the band's webpage.
+ Sentimental
+ Million


Anonymous said...

ooops, both versions of Something to Say link to the same .mp3 file

stytzer said...

Thanks - should be fixed now!