April 25, 2007

TF vs. JT

Once again I'm really busy, so I only have time to post a quick one from the mailbox. Swedish singer Tobias Fröberg covers What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake. This version is a lot (and despite the Swedish accent, I mean a LOT) more likeable than the original (probably because JT is second on my list of "least-favorite-artists").
+ What Goes Around

Thanks to It's A Trap for directing me to these two new (and really nice) ones by Swedish indie pop trio Double Dan.
+ When The Sun Falls Down
+ A Picture Of You


Parklife said...

So who's the number one on your list..? Robbie W.? (I can't stand JT too, btw...)

stytzer said...

Oh yes - RW is the runaway champ!!! He symbolizes everything that is wrong in the music industry today :(