April 26, 2007


I've lots of stuff that I'd like to post, but time is as always a very limited commodity these days (look at the burden I have to carry). So here are the songs and hopefully I'll be able to add a few comments during the day...

+ Tilde vs SuperTroels - Toss Away (SuperTroels Remix)
SuperTroels was rather pissed off yesterday (to say the least), because a Danish blog (which now has been deleted) had made the entire I Know That You Know album available for free. As a blogger I can only support free downloads of a few tracks, but the artists still have to make a living, so I can never support actions like that! Should add that his album is pretty good, so I can only recommend that you buy it!

+ Pete White - The Light & Friction Makes Fire
That UK singer/songwriter Pete White is one of my favorite artists is probably one of the world's worst kept secrets. He's been in the studio and re-recorded a couple of old tracks and in his own words: "finally got a dark version of friction makes fire and quite an up beat version of the light." As always highly enjoyable.

+ Buddy Akai - I'll Know
Rodolfo is a really busy man as well these days (hopefully I'll soon be able to tell you why), so we haven't heard from him for quite some time. But yesterday he sent a message recommending this catchy and danceable one by Californian electro/indie rock act Buddy Akai.

+ Tears Run Rings - A Question and an Answer
This wonderful dream pop track is taken from the band's debut EP released earlier this week on Lavender Recordings/Disaster Club Records.

+ No Privacy - The Shadow
The animated video for this track is absolutely fantastic. Check it here. The song itself by this Danish quartet is quite OK.

+ Sir Salvatore - Public Key
Just a pretty good one from the mailbox. This band is beginning to make a splash in the blogger world.

+ The Paperhouse - Bright Life
Not really that high on this track by Aussie band The Paperhouse. But those opening jangling guitars are really, really great!

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Tinkerbell said...

I just about followed the Troels comments on his site- wasn;t really confident enough to add my ha'ppeneth in Engish when it was all in Danish though...