May 18, 2007

Another OMD Cover...

Some of you might recall that I posted Klaus & Kinski's cover of the OMD track Souvenir 3 weeks ago and today I came across another OMD cover. This time it's If You Leave covered by (now dissolved) Swedish (not US) indie pop band Free Loan Investments and once again I'm really not sure what to think. OMD used to be one of my favorite bands, so I've probably listened to this track a thousand times and never before thought of it as a twee pop song!
+ If You Leave

And below a few other OMD covers previously posted in the blog (please feel free to drop me a line if you know of any other OMD covers)
+ Klaus & Kinski - Souvenir
+ Foretaste - Secret
+ More Than Milk has a cover of Enola Gay by The Faint.
+ Ladies and Gentleman... has Nada Surf's cover of If You Leave (thanx Chris!).

Be persistent and it will pay off. Just found this superb cover of Souvenir by US indie pop quartet Brittle Stars. Actually the band's own stuff is pretty good as well and you can find several tracks for free here.
+ Souvenir

And that cover is taken from the 2001 album; Pretending To See The Future: A Tribute To OMD, which included a total of 18 artists covering OMD songs.
+ Mahogany - Bunker Soldiers
+ Acid House Kings - Almost

And continuous searching can do wonders. E L E C T R O N I C A L L Y Y O U R S offers a few very interesting remixes of songs by artists like OMD, Depeche Mode etc.