May 16, 2007 - Stuff

For a change I'm having a very quiet day at work, so I'm currently exploring hoping that I'll find some interesting or unknown stuff. There's lots and lots to choose from, though unfortunately most of it is garbage. But every now and then I stumble upon something worth posting.....

+ Anything Box - Clean
Seems like this is a track recorded way back in 2001? Old or not, it's a really cool and utterly catchy new wave/synthpop track!

+ Hungry Lucy - Fearful
US duo tagged as darkwave/gothic. Fearful probably doesn't fit that label completely as it is more of an up-tempo electronic pop tune. Originally recommended to me by FALK.

+ The Cakes - Quarantine
UK band tagged as a post-punk/punk-rock band. Sounds more like a new wave band inspired by New Order to me!

+ Brooklyn UK - Paris Hilton
Not any good really. Actually it's pretty bad. But I'm doubting that Miss Hilton will think of this as a tribute :)

+ The Blind King - Indie Pop Song
Indie/folk rock 8-piece from Boston. How can you not love a song with a title like this?


Abby said...

Wow. Anything Box is still recording? I've got a song by them from 1990 that is still one of my favorite synth-pop tracks, but I had no idea they were still around...

jonxblaze said...

I love Anything Box, they are about release an EP called Future Past and it will have 4 different remixes of "Carmen". be on the lookout for that

Anonymous said...

The Cakes' tracks like "Sunday" and "Bored of Cities" are probably where the post-punk tags come from.

Porter Gray said...

Anything Box is wonderful. It has been some time since they first got their start, but they've always been true to their music. Definitely worth remembering and paying attention to. If you like AB, you might try checking out the Echoing Green ( and The Antique Toys (

Really great stuff.

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