May 15, 2007

Mushi +++

My current favorite album is the recent release by Danish one-man project Mushi (in real life known as Rasmus Fynbo). The album (released March 19) is called Unfairytales and has received some pretty good reviews in the Danish media (you can read a few here if you understand Danish). The music varies quite a lot throughout the 12 tracks on the album, and sounds like he's done his best to mix as many musical genres as possible. Whether you want Balkan rhythms, western themes, cabaret, country or the straight forward pop/rock song begging for airplay; it's all there and it never gets boring. However the real strength of the album is that he never gets carried away (and turns the album into an experimental playground), but instead remembers that the great and catchy tune must always be present. I bought the album because I enjoyed his 2004 release Unbelonging (download it for free here) and hoped that the new album would be equally good. But it wasn't. It was even better!
+ Pieces of Nothing (posted with permission from the artist)
+ Stream 5 more tracks

The Joe Coffee Project from Stockholm sounds like a Swedish version of The Raveonettes (this is meant to be a compliment). The band has released 1 (or maybe 2) EP's, but neither the band's homepage nor the Myspace profile have been updated since October last year. So perhaps the band is no more, which would be quite a shame!
+ Things That We Never Received
+ The Winter Song

If you have a couple of minutes I recommend that you check out (stream) the new fine single Hey Girl by Figurines at the band's Myspace profile. Or download it here.

Danish rock band No end has been forced to change the adress of their Myspace profile, because the old one was "drowned" by spammers. One of the (many?) annoyances of Myspace I guess?
+ Beautiful Soul

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