May 29, 2007

Myspace updates...

Here are some of the comments and news I have received over at Myspace the past week:

Song To The Siren will release their 3rd EP called A Machine Like Me tomorrow.
+ These Days

Bahnhof has shot a video for the first single Speed from the debut album Reverse. The band has also been so kind to send me a copy of the album, and so far I'm really enjoying it!

Mushi wants a little help picking his next single. Go there and leave your vote.

Excellent Florida band The Monday Photo promises to have some new songs ready very soon.
+ Fall

And so does equally great UK band Kni9hts.
+ Coastal

Port Largo has recorded a fine new version of Breakdown In Fiction produced by Carsten Heller (Nephew, Spleen United etc.). I'm unsuccessfully pushing for a free download, but will keep you posted if anything happens.

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carolinagirl13 said...

wow, i really like bahnhof! they remind me of the killers and death cab..kinda...interesting!