May 25, 2007

Oliver with a Tiger...

If you happen to be in Copenhagen tonight, drop by Nørrehus Bodega at 9 o'clock, where Oliver North Boy Choir will be celebrating the release of their second single Shell For The Mourning. They will be serving free sangria and you're more than welcome to bring your own CD's if you feel like DJ'ing. The single will be released on Sunday (but no one parties on Sundays - do they?) and as the previous one it will only be available as a download. So obviously I cannot post the track (as the basic idea is that we should all buy it), but instead I've been given permission to post this cover (or is it a remix?) of the track done by none other than Klaus & Kinski. This version is actually quite different from the original, but still highly entertaining and rather catchy.
+ Shell For The Mourning

From a bulletin posted by Tiger Baby:
"The Swedish fashion company H&M have decided that 'Sweetheart' is the perfect song to accompany the presentation of the company's summer trends alongside illustrations by the very talented fashion illustrator Liselotte Watkins. To have a look, go to and pick INSPIRATION, SummerTrends and then SYDNEY." Hopefully this will help the band get the attention it deserves! Oh - and doesn't Kylie look fantastic/sweet/stunning/gorgeous/etc. in those pictures?
+ Sweetheart

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