May 1, 2007


Friendly Danish indie/electro pop band The Holiday Show has uploaded 3 nice (and free) summer tracks to Myspace. As always this is cool and catchy stuff, but I'm still waiting for the boys to release an album. I've posted 2 tracks below and you can grab the third one here.
+ Traveling minds
+ City Girlfriend

Swedish alternative/indie rock band The End Will Be Kicks has posted a brand new (and very good) track from their forthcoming EP.
+ Ass of a friend

Great US Shoegaze/Dream Pop band Panda Riot has posted a couple of demos over at Myspace.
+ Color me in
+ New demo (Feb 29th)

In the mailbox this morning I found this one by Fields taken from the band's debut album Everything Last Winter.
+ If You Fail, We All Fail

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