May 3, 2007

This and That...

Well, what do you know! The William Blakes has uploaded a new track to the band's Myspace profile. That's the 7th new song in less than 2 months! The vocal becomes a little wild/crazy towards end, but I still cannot help loving this band. The five members call themselves Einz, Zwei, Drei, Boris and Fünf, which yet again leaves me wondering who are hiding behind those names!
+ Violent God (link taken down)

Torr has the new single Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors by Editors.

Download the album track Life Is Beautiful by UK alternative/indie rock/pop band Vega4 from the band's Myspace profile. Highly underrated band!

Liga has two new tracks by Nordstrøm and Lily Electric.

Chris is really high on the track Take me to the Ballroom by Moonbabies posted over at It's A Trap. And it is indeed a terrific song!

Learned about Swedish indie pop trio Tea for three!!! over at Indie MP3. Sounds interesting and really promising!
+ Nincompoops

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