May 22, 2007

This and that (Swedish edition)...

Download the opening/title track Welcome To Our Town from the new EP by Sweden's Cheshire Cat. This is energetic and very catchy indierock inspired by bands like Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure etc. So you could say that this is not highly original, but nonetheless it's still really, really great! To be honest I'm not quite sure whether this is new or not. The info received from the label - Stiftelsen - wasn't very specific to say the least. But according to the webpage the EP was released May 10, so I guess this makes it a NEW release? Perhaps re-release is the correct term? The Celestial album I mention further down is new, but features several older, but re-recorded tracks (including the title track). Does that make Dream On a new, old or re-recorded track? Any suggestions?
+ Welcome To Our Town

Swedish label Songs I wish I had written modestly describes the new Moto Boy single Blue Motorbike as "the summer hit of 2007". With its interesting vocals and wonderful haunting tune I'm certainly not the one objecting to that statement.
+ Blue Motorbike

I've finally bought the Celestial debut album Dream On (released a month ago on Skipping Stones Records). This gorgeous album sounds like the perfect lovechild of Brighter and The Jesus And Mary Chain, and certainly is a prime candidate for my "best albums of the year" list.
+ Dream On

Just found these two tracks by Gothenburg based one-man project TRIP. Despite being unsigned, it seems like a trio of EP's is going to be released at some point, but so far no words on any date of release. The music is tagged as indie / psychedelic / shoegaze by the band itself and it is indeed a quite interesting mix of many genres. So instead of trying to describe it (which quickly could turn into mission impossible), I just recommend that you check it out yourself.
+ Drive
+ Ecstasies


Parklife said...

Are you sure that this is a NEW EP by Cheshire Cat...? I already had one of their songs on my last year's best of-mix... :-) Would be great if the guys release some more stuff, though!

José Antonio said...

I recommended this band for all last year. And I free download this EP. Remember my recomentation, Morten!