May 23, 2007

This and that (International edition)...

In my search last week for OMD covers, I stumbled upon US duo Vitesse. The duo definitely has found some inspiration in the music of OMD (and many other as well), so recording a cover of 2nd Thought (from the OMD album Organisation) probably was a quite logic thing to do. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a version of this track, though I'd obviously love to hear it. In general this seems to be a band thriving in anonymity, as information is very sparse. So all I really know is that this was a duo that recorded 4 albums in the years 1999-2002, and that I've liked everything that I've heard by the band so far.
+ Small Gift
+ A Statue on Easter Island

Some time ago I wanted to post the new track Still No Signs by Charlie Don't Surf, but no matter what I did, I just couldn't make the file work/play. Yesterday I tried again and this time I experienced no problems at all. So here it is the (not so) new track by the Danish pop surfers and once again the boys have recorded a wonderfully charming pop tune.
+ Still No Signs

At first I only listened to UK duo/trio (?) The Painted Word, because one of their songs was named after band itself. But (to my great delight) that one turned out to be a great indie pop track (with some psychedelic influences), and the rest of their stuff isn't bad either. And the band seems to be really outgoing and friendly as well, which doesn't hurt either!
+ The Painted Word
+ Green Sea Blue

Taken directly from the Speaker Bite Me webpage:
"From today, May 23rd, and a week ahead, we will upload a remix every day for your listening pleasure. We start out with two tracks..."
+ Teach Me Tiger (SuperTroels remix)
+ Bongo Bizarre (Junior Senior remix)

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Brother I guess you haven't read my blog in awhile... :-( because I have posted Vitesse a lot in the past....