June 12, 2007

KNI9HTS - 3 new demos...

KNI9HTS is one of those bands that constantly manage to fly well below the radar, despite writing excellent songs. I've been following this UK indie rock quartet for some time now and I believe this must be (at least) the third batch of demos from the band. Back then (April last year) when I listened to the band for the first time (what I believe/guess must have been "batch 1"), I was certain that the band would be signed any day, but for whatever reason the band remains parked in the waiting line. And unfortunately I somehow question that the new songs will do anything to change this! Oh no - not because the new songs aren't any good. They are just as great as the previous stuff, but if those songs couldn't get them signed, then why and how would the new ones? The band still lists several bands/artists as the main influences (from Simon & Garfunkel to Nirvana), but on these 3 tracks I do hear a lot of Doves (which happens to be one of my favorite bands), with some additional inspiration from bands like Puressence, R.E.M. and U2.
+ Golden Triangle

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