June 12, 2007


Steam isn’t exactly what I’ve needed the past few days, as the sun has insisted on shining, thus making the heat in my office almost unbearable. But somehow a band with the unappealing name Dampfbahn! (Dampf = steam in German) has still managed to bring some coolness into my working life the past few days, as I’ve been listening to the duos new EP (DAMPFBAHN! EP 2007) over and over. The duo describes itself as “An explosive neon-coloured dance-duo…hailing from disco town”, and after a few spins you know this is the kind of stuff that will kick start any party. So this is not music that will make you lean back and help you stop sweating, but instead it will constantly try to make your feet start moving (and thus make you sweat even more). But these guys are really cool and the 5 catchy songs with their haunting beats had the same effect on me as a fresh breeze on warm summer day, so what the…let’s forget about work, grab some beers, turn up the volume and let the beach party begin!
+ Houseman
+ Go Higher
+ All Is Swell


Anonymous said...

Houseman is pretty catchy, indeed!

*checks out the rest*

Anonymous said...

It rocks!
All Is indeed Swell!