June 13, 2007

Music, Music, Music...

Think 80's inspired bands like Editors and you know what to expect from US quartet Le Firm. Catchy stuff and both tracks are from the band's 2006 Flugsport EP.
+ Bastille Day
+ Technology

Marie Antoinette is a Danish five-piece brought to my attention by fab Danish blog emodreng & indiepige. Compared to The Cure (musically) and The Kissaway Trail (vocally) (and at times sounding like Figurines) this certainly is a band with potential. Beware that the quality of the demos aren't the best, but the songs are very, very good!
+ Separated
+ Without a Sight

The music of Swedish trio Norma is described as "a mix of shoegaze, kraut, ambient, electronica, noise and indie". I've nothing to add and this track does indeed sound like a storm!
+ The Storm

The guitars are plugged in and Normandy from NY has recorded a couple of noisy, but catchy and highly entertaining indie rock tracks. Both tracks are from the debut EP Time I've Wasted released on March 24.
+ Sweatshop
+ Kentucky Isolation

Fløjl from Copenhagen is currently working on a new album to follow up the 2005 album Lejlighedssange. The lyrics are a huge part of this, so unless you speak or understand Danish, I recommend that you simply skip this one.
+ Vi Mødes Kun I Byen

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