June 8, 2007

This and That (Danish Edition)...

I received the great news yesterday that we'll soon hear new material from Danish indie rock band Demons Are Real. More "evil sounding" guitars are promised on the new songs, though I really like the Joy Division inspired sound on the Hum Speed On/Off EP (all 6 tracks available for free from the band's webpage).
+ Your Information and Conclusion

I posted a new demo track by BREUM in the Vesterbro Festival post yesterday, but it's certainly worth posting one more time!
+ Silhuetter

Stream the new single called Angel by Saybia. The band's third album will be released August 27.

No - I haven't forgotten about Gaffa's demo of the month (June). The quartet Ave is this month's pick and the band's demo Follow Your Saint receives the remarkable 6 stars out of 6. The band is compared to Kashmir and Radiohead, and the music is the dark, epic and gorgeous kind that just never seems to stop growing.
+ Toll For The Brave
+ Endless Light

Some of you might remember the Danish duo Tetris = Therapy that I mentioned some time ago? One of the band members (Rune) participates in a few other band projects, of which the duo Sometimes has caught my attention. The band name is an obvious My Bloody Valentine reference and the music is inspired by some of the major shoegaze bands of the 80's and 90's (Slowdive, MBV, Ride etc.). Danish shoegaze bands are few and far between (or at least I'm not very good at finding them), so I'll definitely follow this duo closely hoping that it will evolve into something more serious than just a part time project.
+ Collider
+ Dino Soar

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