July 10, 2007

Spies on thin ice...

Danish rock quartet Spion (the Danish word for spy) wasn't picked as Gaffa's demo of July, but the review of the band's 2007 demo Tynd Is (Danish for thin ice) was still pretty good (4 out of 6 stars), so I decided to give it a listen. A rather good idea it seems, as especially the pulsing title track has blown me away completely. The drums sound like something that Mew could have recorded during the And The Glass Handed Kites recordings, and the chorus is one of those that will be stuck in your head for the next many, many days. Please don't let the fact that the band is singing in Danish scare you away, as this is excellent stuff! The band has recorded two more demos/EP's and both of them are available for free from the band's webpage.
+ Tynd Is
+ Lydløs
+ Når Du Kommer Hjem

This Friday the band will play a double concert at Lades in Copenhagen where my old favorites The Holiday Show will be performing as well. I'll be there....
+ Snookerstar (New mix)
+ Island Of Lonely People
+ Traveling minds

Probably should add that the demo by The Holiday Show was reviewed as well and received 5 out of 6 stars (pretty good and the band was compared to my old heroes Gangway). Demo EP of the month was by alternative rockers Up In Arms.

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