July 9, 2007

This and That....

This is old news, but remember to download the new (and excellent single) Hey, Girl by Figurines. The expectations for the album When The Deer Wore Blue (out later this month in DK) are sky high!
+ Hey, Girl

The more I listen the more I like Our Love To Admire!

If I ever meet Soko "I swear I'll kill her". What started out as a sweet little novelty thing is now all over the airways and for every listen that French accent annoys me more and more!

I've been listening to a lot of radio the past two weeks and it was great to hear P3 play songs by Kind of girl, Turboweekend and The Floor Is Made Of Lava (songs here).

FALK recommends this great new track by German new wave/gothic band Curious.
+ Resurrection

And J.A. recommends this catchy one by US electronic/powerpop trio Iris. Taken from the band's 2005 album called Wrath.
+ Appetite

Finally a nice one from the mailbox. The Lion by NY one man project Goodbye The Band reminds me (in a very positive way) of of Montreal.
+ The Lion

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