July 25, 2007

Swedish Dew...

Amazingly I'm still catching up from the holiday break. Yesterday I learned that Swedish indie pop trio Dew had uploaded 4 tracks to the band's Myspace profile during my holiday (please don't ever do that again!). Again is a brand new track and the first recorded as a trio (the bass player Lars Kvarnström has been added to the line-up) and the other 3 tracks are from the 2005 album Somewhere Else (which I'm still trying to get my hands on). If the new recording somehow means that more productive days are ahead I don't know, but it is great to know that the band is very much alive. The first time I wrote about the band I compared Dew to The River Detectives and the new songs certainly haven't made me change my mind!
+ Again (new track)
+ Cheat and Lie
+ Lady of Mine

And two more from Somewhere Else
+ All That I'm Leaving Behind
+ Still Looking

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