August 27, 2007

Falk recommends...

This is a list of songs and artists recently recommended to me by Falk over at Obviously some are better/more interesting than others, but all of them are worth a listen. As always his recommendations are much appreciated!

* Cheshire Cats
+ Welcome To Our Town
+ Souls
Swedish new wave/gothic inspired band. Been featured before in the blog.

* Arctic
+ Launching Pad
+ Some One Turning
Nice (partly) acoustic songs by Canadian singer/songwriter.

* All:My:Faults
+ Mirrors
+ Forget Me...
Recommended to me numerous times, this German darkwave/industrial band must be among Falk's favorite artists?

* Children of the CPU
+ Slay Your Dragons
+ I Spy
Canadian electro-pop duo. The entire Back To BASIC album (which actually is surprisingly good) is available as a free download.

1 comment:

Falk said...

Yes you're right. A:M:F is my favorite band since Steve's first demo in 2003. well I know 1 person that love this band more than I: my wife :)

well I do some promotional work for this band and at the moment we preparing the new album that should be released end of this her.