August 6, 2007

Tower of Foil - Faster than your eye...

As regular visitors would know I've become quite a fan of the musical universe of Sweden's Tower of Foil over the past year. So needless to say I was pretty excited when the band contacted me a few weeks back offering me the opportunity to post an exclusive pre-download of the title track of the band's new EP Faster than your eye. The EP (which will be the band's 11th since 2000) will be released on Friday, August 10 (for the ridiculous amount of €3), but as always it will also be possible to download the 3 tracks for free from the band's webpage, if you cannot afford to spend a little pocket-money. The number of members has varied through the years, but on the new recording the band should more accurately be called a duo, as the current line-up consists of Daniel Björck (vocals, guitars, keyboards, music & lyrics) and Tomas Larsson (guitars). Both are also members of The Idle Hands and among several other side jobs Daniel played piano on the Celestial album Dream On released earlier this year. If you're already familiar with the music of Tower of Foil the new song certainly won't be a disappointment. It's arguably one of the best tunes in the history of the band and based around the piano (with acoustic guitars) it's so calm, soft and elegant that it should be difficult not to be captured by its beauty. Hopefully the remaining two tracks of the EP will be equally wonderful? Come Friday and I should be so much wiser.
+ Faster than you eye

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