August 7, 2007

New single by The Felt Tips...

Some of you might remember the Scottish indie pop band The Knight In Plaster I featured in the blog a few times last year? If not song titles like A Nasty Piece Of Work and My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me might ring a bell? If not you really should feel sorry for yourself that you missed out on them the first time around. The band has since reformed and changed its name to The Felt Tips and on Wednesday, August 15 the (debut?) single/EP Boyfriend Devoted will be released on Cloudberry Records. Things might have changed on the outside, but the music is still charming indie pop with a heavy dose of inspiration from Belle & Sebastian. One of the EP tracks is a new version of the fabulous Treat Me Gently which thus makes the "Current Favorites" list for the second time.
+ Boyfriend Devoted
+ Treat Me Gently

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Anonymous said...

They are a stunning stunning band. Great songs. Think they're gonna really break thru - thanks for finding them!