September 5, 2007

Get behind the velvet curtain...

This must be a textbook example of how to write a promotion e-mail. The other day I received a mail from someone called Joe (I'm not making this up), who wrote that I might like new singer/songwriter Yoav. At first it looked like just another one of those 40-50 promotion mails I receive every day, but further down in his mail he adds "Hope you enjoyed your trip to London. There are still some record shops on Berwick St, just not as many as before!". And just like that I love this guy, as he's obviously been reading this post. So immediately my thoughts went something like "since he's been reading what I've been writing, I should at least give his recommendation a few spins".
And lucky me I did and a few moments later I found myself listening to a really cool and highly talented new artist. The music is almost impossible to label, though in his press material he suggests the description "Beck meets Buckley meets Bjork". But the more I listen to his songs (5 of them so far) the more I feel that something like "Justin Timberlake goes Jeff Buckley" would be an even better way to describe this. Not a word (please) on how much I hate Justin T, but especially the haunting, groovy, slow moving and completely irresistible Club Thing makes me think that this is one track he would be prepared to kill for to get his hands on, as this is so much better than anything he's ever recorded! The other 4 tracks are equally intriguing and Yoav's debut album Beautiful Lie will be released on October 22. I'm already queuing. CORRECTION! Beautiful Lie is the first single, while the debut album is called Charmed & Strange and will be released in January.
+ Club Thing


David said...

Nice find! Great song.

Claire said...

Wow, this is the best thing i've found on anyone's music blog i think!
instant fave for me