September 4, 2007

Music, Music, Music...

Beirut was one of the most popular artists in the bloggerworld last year and now the track A Sunday Smile from the forthcoming album The Flying Club Cup (to be released October 9) is available as a free download from his webpage. Time will tell if the world needs more Balkan inspired trumpets, mandolins, accordions etc., but for every listen I certainly like his music more and more (thanks Jonas!).
+ A Sunday Smile

Swedish 5-piece Radio LXMBRG definitely belongs to a completely different genre, but still the band's 80's inspired electro/pop sound is very appealing (I'm a sucker for that stuff). New track Score On The Floor is a freebie over at Myspace and is taken from the forthcoming album Trivial Matters (to be released September 12).
+ Score On The Floor

And of course you shouldn't miss (and of course you haven't) the new single by Club 8. Gorgeous indie pop!
+ Heaven

This week (and this week only) it's possible to stream the new Baby Cool EP by Oliver North Boy Choir over at Myspace. As always this is wonderful stuff and once again I cannot help hoping that the band will change its strategy, so we all get a chance to buy an album and to see them live.

Victor Silveira has remixed the DAMPFBAHN! track All Is Swell. Stream it here. Should add that it's pretty cool!


Parklife said...

Great song by Radio LXMBRG!
But the Beirut-song is terribly boring stuff...

stytzer said...

I pretty much expected that you'd say that ;) Not sure that you'll like the artist I plan to post tomorrow either :)))

Parklife said...

Well I liked some of the earlier Beirut-stuff but this song just is nothing worth to remember... :-P