September 20, 2007

Ingenting on a Thursday...

2 days ago I couldn't think of anything to post. A day off yesterday certainly took care of that problem, so today there's a little more to tell!

First of all and most importantly; The video for the Kent single Ingenting is here and a weird one it is. The band does seem to have some kind of passion for animals?

The Williams Blakes is heading for Sweden (Hultsfred to be more specific) where the band will record their debut album. Seems like the album will be called Wayne Coyne, but it's obviously far too early to tell when it's going to be released and if it's actually going to be called just that. Whenever it's ready it will be released on new Danish label Speed Of Sound.
+ The Reality (link taken down)

The DAMPFBAHN! track All Is Swell is currently being remixed to pieces by various friends, DJs and other music freaks in general. I'm not sure how many different versions will be the final result of this project, but "rumours" tell that there will be some really weird, funny and interesting ones among them! I believe that the intention is that all the mixes will all be released/compiled on the same CD at some point (please correct me if I'm wrong!). The first appetizer - a mix done by Portuguese DJ Vitor Silveira - is now available to download for free. Another mix can be streamed here.
+ All Is Swell (All Is Indeed Swell Enough For A Remix)

I've just received the message that a promo of the Hot Springs album Volcano should arrive in my mailbox any day soon. If the rest of the album sounds like this first sample track, it could very well be a quite interesting rock thing!
+ Headrush

Division Day
has recorded an excellent cover version of my favorite Depeche Mode track Enjoy The Silence. It's pretty impossible screwing this track up (not saying that the band is even close to doing that), and I really like this almost acoustic approach. Once a week the band's label Eenie Meenie Records is sending out remixes and cover songs, so hopefully more interesting stuff is on the way?
+ Enjoy The Silence

If you're tired of me constantly promoting the tracks Poetry Boy and Slave To Your Charms, it's now possible to stream a brand new one by Kind of girl over at the band's EPK.

Via fine Danish blog emodreng & indiepige comes word on the new Oliver North Boy Choir video for Baby Cool. Gotta love this band!


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