September 21, 2007

Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band...

The other day when I received a mail from the Danish label Crunchy Frog, I couldn't help thinking that it was the first time ever that I had been contacted by one of the established Danish labels asking me to post a track by one of their bands. Actually the label has contacted a few other Danish blogs as well, so hopefully this indicates that better and more interesting (perhaps even "cooperative") times are ahead?
The track in question is the recent (debut?) single X-Ray by duo Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band taken from the band's debut album X-Ray Spirit, which will be released on Monday. I've had the opportunity to listen to most of the album and have to admit that this is really fascinating stuff, though it's quite difficult to label (in the press material the close to perfect description "a merger of genres" is used). If you spend a few minutes listening to X-Ray you'll hear a song that at the same time is danceable, noisy, haunting and melodic with lots of pounding drums, distorted guitars and the never unfashionable 60's inspired hammond organ. I guess that a description like this only makes it all more intriguing, so why no stop reading and instead do yourself a favour and check it out? It's actually pretty damn cool! The track has been well-received by the radio listeners and entered the independent (and listener-voted) chart Det Elektriske Barometer at no. 2 last week. On a sidenote I thinks its' quite funny/peculiar that one of the band members (Thomas) used to be in El Video that I mentioned the other day.
+ X-Ray

Below the video created by Mary&Mary.