October 16, 2007

Chopping wood...

The past 3 days the girls and I visited some friends' at their derelict farm in Sweden, where I (when I wasn't drinking beer) spent several hours every day chopping wood. That certainly was great and much needed exercise for arms, shoulders and back, but it also (once again) made it painfully clear that my shape was a whole lot better in the old days, before I became a dad.

Speaking of Sweden, I found the new Kent album Tillbaka Till Samtiden in my mailbox last night. It definitely sounded much better in the car this morning than it did on the computer last week.

Thanks to whoever was responsible for sending me Life Of A Ghost by Blue Foundation. I've been thinking of buying this fine and somewhat Mew inspired album for quite some time now, so getting it this way was a pleasant surprise (I owe you one - whoever you are!).

Pastries, Peppers and Canals is up and running again. Hopefully for good this time!

You DID check out my first post over at Frekvens.dk. Didn't you?

The fantastic new track Rosebud by Danish indie rock trio Us With Millions is now available as a free download. Compared to Band of Horses, but in my opinion this track is better than any track of Cease To Begin. The band has sent me another new track that will be an exclusive download from the blog later this week.
+ Rosebud

Check out new instrumental track by Hits In The Car favorites Panda Riot.
+ Northern Automatic Music

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Parklife said...

Wow, lucky you that you got a copy of the Blue Foundation-album! It's one of my favourite CDs of 2007 (currently my no. 2, after Indochine). I even like it better than the Kent one...!