October 19, 2007

Do you blush?...

As promised earlier this week; here's another recently recorded track by Danish trio Us With Millions. I'll stop comparing the band to that ONE particular band, as this new song clearly proves that these guys are fully capable and ready to make a name of their own. The quiet opening part aside, Do You Blush? follows nicely in the footstep of the band's previous works, which probably is the best recommendation I can give! Finally; big thank you to the boys for letting me post this as an exclusive download.
+ Do You Blush?

In the mailbox (those promotion mails never stop) I've found this excellent one by Seattle indie rock/pop 5-piece Siberian. When I listen to those drums, the guitars and the production in general I cannot help thinking of Editors (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!).
+ Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls

The other day Søren over at Frekvens.dk listed the new Maritime album Heresy and the Hotel Choir as the album he listens to the most these days. Since this US quartet was completely unknown to me I was quite thrilled to find (yet another one of those) promo mail in the mailbox this morning, giving me the opportunity to listen to the album. After two listens I especially agree with the quote in the mail that says "If you can't find something you enjoy on Heresy-well, you're probably not listening hard enough.", because there certainly is plenty to like about this fine album.
+ For Science Fiction
+ Guns of Navarone

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Chris said...

should read my blog more often, mate... I praised Maritime way back in August. ;) Really good album!