October 18, 2007

Mailbox overload...

My mailbox is jammed, cluttered, seeing red, breathing for air and giving its owner all kinds of stress like symptoms. So yesterday I decided to do something about it, and read my way through (at least) a trillion mails and downloaded (roughly estimated) a billion songs, but despite all my heroics I still have 496 mails left in my inbox begging for my attention. As you might have guessed by now, I've done a bit/whole lot of cleaning, deleting and selecting, so below I posted the 10 best songs of the many, many I listened to/scanned my way through yesterday. If you don't like these tracks, you certainly don't want to listen to the ones I deleted! Happy listening!!!

+ The Silver Seas - The Country Life
"For fans of Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Guster..." (promo mail)

+ Innerpartysystem - Don't Stop
"The keen observer will allow themselves to be dawn in by the anxious beats, pensive blips and ominous thrashing tones..." (source)

+ Peace In Our Time - Some nice and decent thoughts
Swedish one-man project introducing himself to me this way; "I'm a Swedish artist who records some kind of lofi-indiepop in my bedroom." Lovely lofi-indiepop I might add...

+ The Voltarenes - Altona City
"Altona City" is a fine blend of Another Sunny Day's "Anorak City" and Guns'n'Roses' "Paradise City", as well as an ode to a district of Hamburg." (promo mail)

+ Cassettes Won't Listen - Lunch For Breakfast
Found in a mail with the information that "Cassettes Won't Listen announces CMJ closing night performance..."

+ Canadians - Summer Teenage Girl
According to the promo mail this is "a band playing indie pop anthems that are catchy, unforgettable and timeless." Sounds more like one of those bubblegum teenage American pop/rock bands to me, but since I (secretly of course) like some of those bands I really don't care about that description.

+ SNMNMNM - Addy Will Know
According to the promo mail "...a band who has always tried to create smart pop music that rocks". Sounds like Stacy's Mom.

+ Robbers On High Street - Crown Victoria
Pretty cool sounding 60's inspired US rock band.

+ Division Day - More Than This
Another week and another nice sounding cover version of a timeless classic by Division Day!

+ The Papertiger Sound - Norfolk
Another wonderful freebie found at the band's Myspace profile.

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