October 9, 2007

The Lava keeps on flowing...

As promised yesterday "the week of the Lava" continues, so here's another track from the forthcoming The Floor Is Made Of Lava debut album All Juice No Fruit. I've listened to the album a few times now and it's a highly entertaining and very energetic piece that should be able to kickstart any party.
+ Told Her I'm From Compton

Another album getting lots of spins is Here Come The Floods by The state of Samuel. The album will be out on Humblebee Recordings on October 16 and can be ordered from the label's website for the bargain price of USD 9. Despite running for just 28 minutes the album is another fine exponent of the endless stream of wonderful Swedish indie pop. May the well never run dry!
+ The Residents of Gloom
+ Square Roots

Lovely UK/Candian indie pop/rock duo The Papertiger Sound gives away an old track named Seagrass. I cannot recall the story why the track is/was considered expendable, but I wouldn't mind reading or hearing it again, because the track certainly is far too great to simply be ignored.
+ Seagrass

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