October 8, 2007

What's the frequency...

The nice boys over at Frekvens.dk have asked me to join their small part of cyberspace, and I've happily accepted the invitation. Plans are that I shall post 2-4 times per month introducing their readers to the best "hits in the car" of the past week/fortnight. Sounds like the perfect concept to me. Will let you know when the first post is up (probably not this week).

Pitchfork reviews Black Kids and suddenly the number of visitors to this blog increases, because I've mentioned the band a few times. I like their music, but I certainly didn't see this sudden popularity coming. Download the rest of the Wizard of Ahhhs EP here.
+ Hurricane Jane

One more week and The Floor Is Made Of Lava debut album All Juice No Fruit will be out on Tabu Records. The band has sent out a promo mail including download links to 5 songs of the album, so I thought I'd turn this into "the week of the Lava" and post one song each day (Monday-Friday). If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album right here.
+ Do Your Sister

Swedesplease has added me to the blogroll, so I've returned the favor...

Sad to say that I'm slightly underwhelmed by the four Celestial remixes that Music Is My Girlfriend is giving away for free today. I love the original tracks and cannot see why they had to be remixed; though getting them for free is obviously very nice and generous!
+ Lake Como (remix)

One-two-three clicks over at Myspace and I suddenly find myself listening to Icecold Kisses by Swedish electro/synth-pop duo Ostrich. Not groundbreaking in any way, but this really is a nice, sweet and catchy synth dominated tune.
+ Icecold Kisses

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Kristian said...

I'm really excited about "All Juice, No Fruit" and Do Your Little Sister is really one of the stand out tracks.