November 15, 2007

The Dead Sound of an Electric Bird...

These days I'm listening quite a lot to the new album Lust Lust Lust by The Raveonettes. In my contribution to the weekly "Frekvens lytter til…" post, I described it as the perfect mix of catchy 60'ies pop, scathing 80'ies noise and the soundtrack of a spaghetti western directed by Mr. Tarantino. It might not be as good as Pretty In Black, but it still manages to live up to my expectations.
+ Dead Sound

Found the new single Electric Bird by Sia in the mailbox this morning. Perhaps it's a little to quiet and a little too boring for my taste, but I really like that brass featured throughout the song. Taken from the album Some People Have REAL Problems that will be out in January next year.
+ Electric Bird

Did a bit of catching up this morning and checked an old recommendation sent to me by J.A. a long time ago. Actually it was so old that Chris wrote about the band in question; Public Symphony; 5 months ago. But better late than never I guess and since the band has published a new mix of the track Rise & Shine, it's probably ok mentioning them again. The music is described as a mix between Pink Floyd and Coldplay, and the band does indeed manage to sound like an unusual (but still highly enjoyable) mix of complexness and straightforwardness.
+ Rise & Shine (2007 mix)

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