November 14, 2007

Stereo Inn...

5-piece Stereo Inn comes from Cologne in Germany, but it only took a few listens before I had to re-check this fact, because a band sounding this gorgeous has to come from Gothenburg or somewhere else in Sweden. As you've probably already guessed by now, Stereo Inn plays irresistible, feel-good and catchy indie pop with glockenspiel, tambourine, jangling guitars etc. that should please all fans of The Housemartins and Belle & Sebastian. The 5 track 2006 untitled demo EP is free to download from the band's webpage, where you can listen to a few snippets from the forthcoming EP as well.
+ Out Of My Room, Into My Life
+ If Only
+ Moving On

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Fabio said...

hey there... thanks for the nice comment...

stereo inn leaves a smile..; )

Cheers mate.