November 26, 2007

From Warsaw to Prague…

On Friday my wife and I will go to Prague for the weekend, and I just realized that (Copenhagen aside) it will be the fifth European Capital I visit this year (the previous four being Warsaw, Berlin, London and Bern). This will be my third trip to the Czech Capital and I’m very much looking forward to spending a few days in the city that I visited the first time in the (not-so) good old days of the Iron Curtain.
I know I often complain about how my life has change since I became a father (and of course it has), and how I never travel anywhere anymore. I guess the above lines tell quite a different story and that I really should stop whining?

Swedish indie pop one-man band (does such a thing as a one-man band exist?) Pet Politics has released a limited edition 7” single on English label The Great Pop Supplement. The single is lo-fi indie pop piece called The Spring and is exactly as lovely and catchy as you’d expect it to be (knowing that it’s from Sweden). Intriguingly the b-side Taken Away by Aliens is even better, but since you probably don’t trust a word I’m writing, I’ve posted both tracks below, as they can both be downloaded for free at Myspace. The man behind it all is called Magnus Larsson and hopefully it isn't a surprise to anyone that he’s from Gothenburg.
+ The Spring
+ Taken away by aliens

The four happy boys in Velour have recorded a video for the track Janey Black and if you know who the black-haired girl in the video is (+ is a Myspace friend), send the lads a message and perhaps you'll win the album Undress Your Alibis.

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