November 27, 2007

In the Shadow of...

Am I the only one who has been pissed about how slow Sitemeter was the past few days? Perhaps I'm just some narcissistic moron who's obsessed with trends and figures, but I do think that it's interesting and quite useful to learn how visitors find this blog.

Jerry, who many, many years ago became my first Internet friend, has sent a mail recommending Florida darkwave act The Crüxshadows. In his message he wrote how he's been a fan for ages and called the music "danceable goth", which certainly sounded quite appealing. And after a few listens I fully agree that this electronic, catchy and dark stuff (despite the horrible band name) is really, really cool. So until yesterday this band was completely unknown to me, but it seems like that they are quite popular in Germany and have had some success on various dance charts (yep - it is indeed danceable!)!
+ Winter Born (This Sacrifice)
+ Windbringer

Better late than never I guess? In June (during my holiday) Swedish indie pop act Ronderlin was giving away an ureleased track called Come With Your Heart And Soul. Why this fine song didn't make it onto The Great Investigation is beyond me!
+ Come With Your Heart And Soul


Soren said...

Shift from Sitemeter to Google Analytics. You won't regret it.

Parklife said...

"Deception" is my favourite Crüxshadows-song - great stuff I once discovered in a German Gothic-magazine called Zillo.Ah, those were the days... :-)

stytzer said...

@Søren - I somehow expected you to say that :)

@Peter - would have been surprised if you didn't know them already. Always difficult finding any darkwave/goth band that you've never heard of ;)