November 9, 2007

Junior Bloomsday at The Enright House...

Two from the usual source...the inbox!

Darkwave = MC Squared was the name of a track received from New Zeeland quartet The Enright House and with a title like that you've already been given some indication of what to expect from the band's new album A Maze and Amazement. But nonetheless I've been listening to the albums a few times and it is quite dark and complicated (not in an Albert Einstein kind of way) with references to bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai etc. Labelled by the band itself as "a rather uneasy mixture of indie-pop, post-rock and electronica", which is a much better expression than I ever could come up with! The album as a whole might be a little too complex for my taste, but if you're a fan of the aforementioned bands and the post-rock genre, you should seriously consider giving The Enright House a listen!
+ Darkwave = MC Squared

Swans To Greet You by Junior Bloomsday was described in the mail as "a well-marbled pop gem laden with hooks aplenty", which certainly was enough to initiate my interest. The track taken from the band's debut album Nervous Habitats (out November 13 on Roast Records) is probably more alternative rock than actually pop; but it's a nice up-tempo and catchy piece, and sure worth a right click!
+ Swans To Greet You

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