November 12, 2007

4 quick ones...

The debut EP The Fallen Aristocracy by Northern Portrait will be released on Matinée Recordings at the beginning of the new year. Crazy is one of my favorite songs of 2007 and I'm really looking forward to hearing the new version/mix of the track.
+ Crazy

Peter posted this one earlier today, but I thought I'd show the new track by US shoegaze band Aarktica some blogger love as well. This brilliant track was recommended to us by J.A. and is taken from the album Matchless Years released on Darla Records.
+ Seventy Jane

This tribute to a well-known (and very attractive) young actress by Anglo-French trio The Teenagers is already all over the bloggerworld. If you ignore the annoying opening 20 seconds (especially the way he pronounces "Danish), this is a highly recommendable indietronica track.
+ Starlett Johansson

Another track by another band that is being compared to Joy Division. Moving Units from L.A. released the album Hexes For Exes in October, and if the rest is as cool as Pink Thoughts, it's certainly an album I need to check out!
+ Pink Thoughts

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Parklife said...

Yes, the Moving Units album is quite nice although the tracks I once posted ( were among the best. :-)