November 1, 2007

Sleeping Lessons at the Slowmotion Club...

Yesterday I was contacted by Swedish indie pop trio Slowmotion Club asking me politely (in Swedish) to listen to their recently recorded 4-track EP Tiny Dots. And who can resist an offer like that? I couldn't because, as we all know, I have quite a passion for Swedish indie pop. So off I went to the band's myspace profile and gave them a good listen, which then lead me to send a message back to the band asking for permission to post one of the new tracks. The Gun In God's Hand is, despite its dark lyrics, yet another charming and catchy pop song coming out of Sweden (how many times have I written this before?) and I guess the real surprise here is that Slowmotion Club does not come from the "indie pop capital" Gothenburg.
+ The Gun In God's Hand

It has happened more than once that I've been wondering why certain songs were remixed, because the so-called remixes have completely ruined the track and made it almost unrecognizable. So the reason why I've recently posted a few mixes created by RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is probably the exact opposite. I like the way new dimensions are being added to the tracks, while still being true to the original versions. As is the case with this lovely remix of (the already wonderful) Sleeping Lessons by The Shins.
+ Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix)

Finally lots of thanks to all of you who posted comments yesterday or sent an e-mail wishing me good luck. It was (and still is) much appreciated!

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